How can I change my password?

If you want to change password, please click on link below, you will be taken through the process of change password.

Change my password

How can I get access?
For access to this portal, please contact the Customer Service Desk at +32 (0) 15369411 or send an email to They will look at the options to give you access.
I want to receive digital invoices
You can send an email to our Customer Service Desk with the contract number(s) and email address to which the invoices must be sent. You will then receive an email with instructions how to log in to the invoice portal. To do this you will need to set a password that gives you access to the portal.
How can I change my company information?
You can send a request to our Customer Service Desk with mentioning of your contractnumber and requested change (company name, address, email address, tel./ or bankaccount details).
What recent updates have been made to the portal?
I would like access to My DLL. Can you provide me a login name?
Please contact the Customer Service Desk by phone at nr. +32 (0) 15369411 or send an email to They will take you through the procedure and check if you are eligible to get access to our portal.
My password does not work, I cannot login? What should I do?
Please click “Forgot Password” and a new temporary password will be send to your email address that was given during your onboarding. You can change that password for future login.
Request new lease
For this you may send an e-mail to our Internal Sales department stating the company name, address, BTW number, telephone number, e-mail address and the details of the material to be financed. Our Internal Sales Officer will contact you about this and provide or request the necessary extra information.
I have a remark or complaint regarding your service

You can use the Feedback button in the right bottom corner of the page. 

Or you can send an e-mail to our Customer Service Desk stating the contract number and the complaint / remark / compliment about the specific service. This will be registered in the system so that it will be followed up by the administrator of your file. In case of a complaint the administrator will contact you to do the necessary. Thanks for your feedback.

Can't find the answer to your question?

Please contact us via Customer Support.